Notes from a swinging chair overlooking Lake Michigan

I stubbed my big toe pretty badly a few nights ago.  I’ve been hobbling around on one leg, hoping that my toenail would just fall off already and provide some relief, to no avail.  Sometimes I think my tolerance for pain needs to be recalibrated.

I went to the ER late last night to finally get some help, and after 2 hours of waiting, a few X-rays, explaining all my other health issues, and noting how the grain direction of the drawer front of a cabinet was “incorrect” and bothering me (I’m such a furniture nerd), I left with a prescription for an antibiotic that should take care of the cellulitis (bacteria infection on the skin) and reduce the swelling.

And probably cause diarrhea.

In the meantime, I can’t run, or swim, or bike, or really do anything but keep my foot elevated.  So I’m reading, catching up on writing, shedding a tear that the best Tour de France I’ve ever watched is over.i can see why you'd want to live here

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