Everything tastes like metal

Well, not all the time, but the few days after chemo it does – to the point where rinsing my mouth with salt water and baking soda is refreshing and a wonderful thing.  I look forward to it.

Anyway, last week was a good week.  Not a whole lot to update you on.  Plus, the PSU on my computer at home died and I’m still waiting for UPS to figure out how to leave a package of spare computer parts at my door, hence the lack of writing (and photos) lately.  I felt mostly on top of things, and aside from getting blood drawn on Monday, I didn’t even have any other medical related appointments.  I haven’t exactly been jumping around like a ball of energy, but I’m thinking maybe in another week I’ll be able to climb back on my bike and go for an easy ride.  Plus, it rained all of last week, so after coming home from work every day I felt validated watching a lot of TV.

I just got back from my 2nd round of chemo.  All the drugs got injected through the fancy new port in my chest, which was much more pleasant than an IV in my arm.  If things go roughly the same as last time, I’ll be tired as a dog on Wednesday, so we’ll see how I react this time.  I have plenty of DVDs and books and magazines to pass the time.

One more thing – I read through the printout of all my blood values from today (which they need to make sure they didn’t need to adjust my chemo dosage), and from my extensive reading of doping in cycling, I actually know what some of the values mean.  For instance, my hematocrit was 40.7%, which is a little low, and downright pitiful compared to cyclists who used EPO.  Just interesting to see how I compare.

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