(Relatively) Good News

My results are back from the biopsy – it’s Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  It’s what we were hoping to hear, because I’m told it’s probably one of the most treatable cancers.  I don’t really know a ton of specifics regarding exactly what classification of Hodgkin’s it is or what stage it’s at, but it’s good to finally have an actionable gameplan.  The next step is to get a PET scan, which will require a quick jaunt over to Grand Rapids because that’s where the closest huge claustrophobic machine is.  That’ll allow them to get a better picture of exactly which cancer cells are most active, so they can fine tune the chemotherapy.

Next, I’ll go back into surgery to get a port installed in my chest just below my collarbone, which will allow all those wonderful chemo drugs to go right to work that much quicker and easier.  Once that’s all rigged up, I should start chemo pretty soon thereafter.  It’s doubtful I’ll get into surgery this week, but early next week seems likely.

For now, I’m still just watching DVD after DVD after getting home from work, but right now I’m off to the hospital again to get some more blood drawn so they can test to make sure my kidneys aren’t going to cause problems with the chemo or anything.  Hopefully I won’t faint this time!

2 thoughts on “(Relatively) Good News”

  1. Hi Luke, just want you to know, Uncle Al and I are praying for you all the time. We are glad to have at least one answer, and soon to have a plan of action. Love you and hugs Aunt Paula

  2. Luke,

    I am trying to absorb this devastating news–this totally unexpected turn of events. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I’ll keep checking your blog and will expect better news. Doc H

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