winter blues

i thought i would be the only one

A week or so ago, during yet another day full of grey skies and flurries, I made my way out to the beach to see what there was to see.  The truth is, I was just entirely too sick of sitting on my bike in front of the TV and pedaling squares, and I didn’t want to sit on the couch all evening, so I grabbed two pairs of gloves and headed out.  I froze anyway, and was surprised that I wasn’t actually the only person who decided to brave the windchill just to be outside.

In processing the shots from my walk, I realized that I’m really not very great at black and white photography.  I think it’s mostly a personal bias I have with my photos, and that once I see them in color, I have a hard time letting go of it.  In the above photo, I resisted cutting out all the color, and instead left a slight blue tint.  The black and white version was too flat, and even after playing around with different s-curves, I couldn’t make anything that I preferred more than the blue tint.  It makes the photo seem cold and dark, which I think goes well with the falling snow and a little vignetting.

I’ll try to keep my eye out for more opportunities for black and white photos, but I don’t think it’ll happen fast.  I’m going through a phase where I really like muted colors.

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