Lest We Forget: Louisville 2013

Lest we forget adventures from a year ago. A Friday off of work to drive on frozen interstates to tour distilleries in the hills of Kentucky.
barrel aging
taste test
Or staying out late at the hotel bar to hang with people we’ve only met on the internet. And waking up early the next morning to walk through fresh fallen snow to stand all day on an icy hillside that then turned into a zero-ice but all-mud hillside.
all the time in the world
Lest we forget beer by the stein and too long lines for a cheeseburger and fries and standing inches away from Helen and Marianne as they race by at speeds that were hard to really understand. But we tried to understand.
Lest we forget Amy Dombroski, may she rest in peace
Rest in peace
With the day not even half over, already wishing time would slow down to a crawl, and just trying to do everything to soak in and remember every scene, every scent, lest we forget mud splattered faces and clean cardboard faces.
Lest we forget speed speed speed
Lest we forget mud covered boots. Boots bought at a discount only because of internet friends who like bikes.
cross footwear
Lest we forget high fives on the finish straight.
tim johnson high five
Lest we forget finding an iphone in the grass by the sidewalk and walking around in circles and circles trying to give it back to its owner. Sharing a beer out of the back of her truck. Going to dinner and just wanting a Coke and french fries, but the restaurant was out. Watching college basketball until we can’t stay up any longer.