Pass the salt

What if Venus Flytraps had a sense of taste?  Like if ants were the equivalent of fast food – tasty and plentiful, but not all that dignified – and flies were like Alaskan King Crab – endlessly delicious, but you’d starve if you held out for it to land on you plate every night.  Would there be a rare strain of Venus Flytraps that decided to release spiders but developed faster reflexes to grab more jumpy grasshoppers?

who said it's easy?

Every week, chemo ruins my taste buds and sucks all the enjoyment out of fine food.  For 4 or 5 days I do everything I can to suppress the geysers of dirty pennies overflowing my tongue.  Sometimes it’s anything doused in Sriracha hot sauce to make my mouth burn, other times dairy is best.  Usually not sweets.  Lately it’s been anything salty – potato chips, eggs (with plenty of added salt), bacon, some sausage, just about any cheese.  In rounds past, salt has only made things worse and an ice cold Coke has been my savior, but not this round, or today, or these next few hours.  Who knows what I’ll be craving tomorrow.  It makes planning ahead for meals a fruitless endeavor (and usually I don’t plan on fruit very much).

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