It’s been a long, deliberately busy week, and I’m drained in more than one way, but I’m finally able to kick my feet up and be alone and recharge.  Not that I don’t like sitting by the lake chatting with others every night, but every once in awhile it feels necessary to slow down the mental stimulation and settle into the familiar groove in my own couch.

I had my second PET-CT scan this afternoon.  It seemed to go faster than last time, partially because I’m getting really good at passing the time while sitting in a chair with an IV in me.  I’ll get to hear the results on Monday from my oncologist, but hopefully that’s the last time I have to be injected with radioactive sugar.

red summer sun #2

One thought on “Exhausted”

  1. Another beautiful MI sunset. Holding you close in our thoughts this week, and glad you will have some relaxation time to recharge. The girls successfully surprised me, and we are having a great time together. Currently we are heading to Baldwin to see Gma Nell.
    We are thinking about going to the WI state fair for Uncle Al’s 50th birthday on Wed.
    That is all the news for now. Hugs to you

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