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It’s been a slow week.  Each day the sun hangs in the sky for an extra breathe, an MJ-esque hangtime, refusing to follow its natural course and bring an end to the day.  I had my 7th round of chemo on Monday, which should technically mean I’m more than halfway done.  After 4 hours at the clinic getting blood drawn, seeing my oncologist, getting drugs pumped into me, and one case of the nurse remarking “Oh, I know why it’s [the infusion pump] is beeping. That’s the wrong bag”, I had the chance to meet up with Kristi, who finally made it back to Holland, and sample some of the best food in town (not saying much).

My next PET-CT scan is coming up in a couple weeks.  Based on how things have been progressing, the scan should show that the cancer is pretty much all gone, but I’m not counting my eggs before they hatch, and until I see from the test results that the cancer is indeed in remission, it’s hard to relax.  If that’s the case, which is likely, I’ll have a couple more months of chemo just to make sure it’s all gone.  If that’s not the case, my chemo cocktail would change to something “significantly more toxic”.  I didn’t bother to ask what that meant.  Sometimes, questions aren’t necessary.  Either way, after I’m done with chemo, I’ll have radiation treatments everyday for about 4 weeks.  No idea how that’ll affect me.

Except for watching the Tour every morning at my desk, the rest of the week has been mostly forgettable.  No energy, can’t taste anything, flush skin, and to top it off, finding out the bad news of another person who just got diagnosed with cancer.  There must be something in the water.  Water that I can hardly even choke down at the moment.hdr adirondack

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