Round 6

Yesterday, there weren’t enough hours in the day to fit everything in.  I started the day by rolling out of my driveway at 7:30am on my bike for a long ride with a group of 20 or so others.  The plan was to do 3 loops, equaling a 100 miles, with stops in between.  I was uncertain I had the fitness to do a century, so my plan was to do the first 2 laps and fit in about 75 miles (previous long ride of the season was about 40 miles).  That’d also give me some time in the afternoon to hang out with a friend who was back in town.

The weather was perfect, the ride was great, but almost a little too casual, and we were running a little behind schedule.  I was surprisingly fresh throughout the ride, and at the end, once I wasn’t lost and recognized what road we were on, I went off the front and hammered the rest of the way home, happy with how my legs responded after 83 miles of riding.  I rushed to change and clean up, then met Allison and headed out to the lighthouse to soak up some more sun and boat-watch.  A few hours and some Captain Sundae later, she had to leave, and I had a birthday party to get to.

One of my coworkers was celebrating her birthday at the Saugatuck Brewery, where she’d made her own batch of beer, which was ready for consumption.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t enjoy any of it, because I have chemo right now, so no alcohol for me, but it’s an IPA, and I’m told it was quite hoppy (yum).  Luckily, I did bring 2 growlers to fill up, so I’ll find out for myself how delicious it is later this week.  God I can’t wait.

I wish I could’ve spent more time doing every activity from yesterday.

And then, today, the hours don’t move fast enough.  I’m sitting at the clinic with a tube sticking out of my chest, the hum of the infusion pump filling the room, filling me with drugs.

IV in the chest. Less exotic than you may think.

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