Tulip Time

repetitionHow many different ways are there to photograph tulips?  I’m getting kind of bored of shooting them.  Last year during Tulip Time I just used my 50mm and opened it as wide as it goes for some nice results, but as I walked around today with my 15-85mm zoom, I wasn’t very inspired.  Maybe it’s because half the flower beds have yet to bloom, or maybe I need the windmill in the background to keep things interesting, but something seems off.

The Giro d’Italia kicked off this morning, so instead of cheering on the 10k/5k runners passing by the street corner (it was an 8k last year, which I ran and got a cheesy medal for winning my age group), I was inside watching cycling.  After the stage finished, I swung my own leg over the top tube on my bike for my first ride of any kind in about 6 weeks.  I soft pedaled downtown to enjoy the weather, eat some fried dough, and people watch, and besides, I probably wasn’t going to find any parking closer than my driveway anyway.  Even pedaling the 2 miles to Centennial Park left my legs tired, heavy, and weak, comparable to what a 40 mile ride would feel like last summer.  But it felt good to move again.

I finally tore apart and rebuilt my computer, so it works and I’m not stuck feeling extra-isolated at home alone, which feels really good.  I can finally process photos again, and I’m hoping that the fireworks tonight don’t get rained out, because I then might capture something more exciting than tulips.

2 thoughts on “Tulip Time”

  1. did you see one of the riders in the giro died today? I haven’t seen the replays, if there even is any, but that was crazy to hear about. Good to know I now have someone I can talk to during the Tour de France coverage later this summer. Lord knows no one else cares.

    1. Yeah, I was watching the race live when it happened. Do yourself a favor and don’t watch any replays. Trust me, you don’t want to see it. It makes me sick to my stomach.

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