Midweek update

My surgical biopsy went well yesterday.  I remember getting wheeled into the surgery room, sliding onto the bed for surgery, getting a warm blanket put on my lower body, and then the anesthesia fully kicked in and I was out and woke up afterwards in a recovery room.  My neck is still a bit sore, and I have to keep the dressing on it, but I have a huge bottle of Vicodin that will probably be impossible to completely use up, so I’m doing just fine.

For now, all there is to do is wait.  I might hear the results of the biopsy tomorrow, or maybe not until Monday.  I’m back at work right now, making sure the world gets their office furniture built correctly and on time.  Some of these problems at work seem so trivial and ridiculous in comparison, but they can be funny to think about.  For instance, apparently for one of our line of cubes, we’ve been building them slightly too big out of tolerance forever, and now that we recalibrated the manufacturing process to make them the exact correct size, all sorts of pieces don’t fit together anymore.  Good to know that all these dimensions I calculate to the thousandth of a inch don’t really matter.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who’s sent a note, they mean a lot.  I also am sorry that I didn’t personally tell some of you about all this earlier and you had to find out through this blog or word of mouth, but, well, things have been changing rapidly in the past week.  Shit happens.

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