I’m fairly certain it will be cold forever

new chairs

Tell me what the biggest flaw with this photo is.

3 thoughts on “I’m fairly certain it will be cold forever”

  1. I think the background is distracting. There’s a lot of action happening back there, and as a social being i want to be in on it. Also that girl right in the middle looks like she could potentially be my type. The chair back is pretty interesting–how the light bends around the depression in the leather, especially, but the focus is not enough to pull and keep me from the people in the back.

    It also looks like you have a speck of dust on the lens or a loose mouse button; there’s a nearly perfectly round watermark where the man in the blue-striped jacket meets the other guy’s neck.

    1. Yeah, I purposely picked a photo I don’t really like myself, and normally wouldn’t see life on the internet. I actually thought the back of the chair, which is what’s in focus, was kind of boring, as my eyes kept wandering up towards that pink water bottle thing above it. What kind of crazy contraption is that?

      Maybe the square crop wasn’t a good choice either, and I could have left in more blurry stuff to just make it more chaotic. And I don’t think that’s a speck of dust or anything, just bokeh from the fridge way in the background that is brighter and just happened to shine through a bit.

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