Less color

Before the recent dumping of snow:
i'll get back to you someday soon

I think some of the interestingness would be lost in black and white.  I just couldn’t bring myself to take out the orange glow of the lamp.  It was nice against the original blueish shadows of the snow, but it pops even more now.  Meanwhile, I finally found a shot where I didn’t have trouble departing from all of the colors.  Inside The Met:
why we lie awake

I haven’t shot anything this past week, even though all the snow that fell made for some interesting scenery.  I was too busy shoveling, working a full workweek, trying to be cultured, drinking beer, and then running and riding my trainer to work off that beer.

Speaking of running, I always find that I regret the runs I skip, but I’ve never regretted a run I did, no matter how painful or depleted it left me.  The sidewalks still aren’t clear, so this morning I ran in the street, and stupidly chose a route that led me past a dozen churches, just as everyone seemed to be arriving or leaving.  The (relatively) warm temps meant that I got sprayed with a healthy dose of road slush.  I altered my route home, deciding to go through the park, not factoring in the fact that the boardwalk along the lake would definitely not be plowed.  I slogged through a foot of snow in near whiteout conditions as my heart rate accelerated, and gulped down large breaths of air fresh from the pickle factory.  Worth it.

Relatedly, I finally started hammering out a race schedule for this year.  I don’t know what I’ll do this spring yet, but my “A” race will almost definitely be either a Half Ironman in September, or a marathon in October.  I’m doing both, but it’s a little early to decide which one to fully taper for.  But I like the thought of using a Half Ironman as a “training” race, or a marathon as a “recovery” run.

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