Hello World #2

It’s time to move on from blogging under pseudonyms (and using robots.txt) in the dark backwaters of the internet to something a little cleaner, more mature, and with better content in the posts.  I’ve been debating with myself a lot about what topics to actually cover in future posts, but finally decided that it’s too much to worry about at this point in the game.  Most of the blogs I frequent are either written by people I know in real life, or focus on a niche, I figured I’d rather let my writing and images decide where to take things and follow them, than plan everything in advance.  Will that limit the appeal of this blog to some readers?  Certainly.  But as I learned through Twitter and Flickr, when I try to censor/filter myself to build some mythical “brand”, I just end up with extended periods of radio silence.

After all, what people really want are good stories, whether through words, images, or videos.  They want a connection to the composer, a glimpse of their vulnerabilities.

So here’s a self portrait I took last weekend.  The snowy scene outside acting like a nice big light box, bringing out all the contrasting colors at Lemonjellos as I sipped coffee and enjoyed the relative silence that is surely gone now that classes are back in session.

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